Sedation Dentistry in Murfreesboro


Sedation dentistry is simple…first you will take a pill the evening before your appointment to help you get a good night's sleep. Next, you will have someone drive you to the office for your appointment.

One more small pill and a little laughing gas we'll have you relaxed and comfortable in no time…and before you know it, your appointment will be over. As a matter of fact, you'll probably remember very little of your office visit. Your teeth are very important and can affect many other areas of your health. So don't let you fears of the dentist get in your way. I promise that we will take great care of you and will make sure your visit is enjoyable.
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Dr. Jeffery Farmer, DDS Dr. Farmer has served the Middle TN area for more than 25 years, combining quality service and high tech dentistry, He strives to always ensure the comfort of his patients.